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Marketing leader. Growth & product marketing, and data analytics.

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I love tech, marketing, and helping businesses grow from product-market fit to a successful exit.

Revenue Generation
Solving Complex Problems
Consumer & B2B Marketing
Product-Led Growth
Performance Advertising
Data Analytics

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7 Reasons Why You Need to Learn Code to Be Badass in Marketing

Times are always changing. And so I am asking myself: what will differentiate outstanding marketers from “okay” marketers in the future? What I realized inspired this article.

Read More · 9 min read

How to Design an Intuitive Mobile Experience: Step-by-Step

Since there are more mobile users than desktop users, designing an intuitive website for mobile is important more than ever before. Learn how to do it step-by-step, see best practices and examples.

Read More · 14 min read

AI in Digital Marketing: Examples and Predictions

Artificial intelligence is changing the world of digital marketing. Learn more about AI, check real examples and read about future predictions to position yourself yourself ahead of the curve,

Read More · 22 min read

27 Inexpensive Marketing Hacks for Fast Growing Startups

There are many inexpensive marketing hacks any fast-growing companies can use. If you are looking for a proven tips that can help your business to grow online, this article is for you.

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SaaS Metrics and KPIs Definitions from a Growth Hacking Perspective

Learning about the key SaaS metrics and KPIs can significantly help your team to be more data-driven. Today, all successful businesses use data to assist with critical decision making. Read this article and learn more.

Read More · 18 min read

7 Time-Savings Tips Highly Organized People Use

f you manage your time effectively, you may feel like you have a few extra hours each day. Read this article to learn the tactics, the most effective people use the save time more time.

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